The Institute for Computational Science and Engineering has an extensive computing environment containing several hundred machines on several networks that are used by faculty and students for research. The server infrastructure was replaced in the spring of 2007 providing automatic backup facilities and improved data security.

Information for users of the facilities is given below.


General computing topics

Research topics

General Unix topics

General Windows topics

Infrastructure topics [authorization required]

What to do if you have a computer problem

If you have a problem related to the use or operation of any ICSE computing facilities, send e-mail to  together with the following information:

  • Your name;
  • The username of your ICSE account;
  • Your Cornell NetID, if it is different from your ICSE username;
  • The number of the room in which you are having the problem, and with which computer in that room. Please identify the network port to which the computer is connected;
  • What your problem is, including a brief description of your actions and any error messages that you may have received.

Please note that we cannot work on any privately-owned machines (such as laptops).

Asking questions