Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Minor

Ph.D. students at Cornell can minor in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) through the Computer and Information Science (CIS) program. More information can be found at the program website.

New Courses

CEE-7360 (Fall 2015)
“Turbulence and Turbulent Mixing in Environmental Stratified Flows”

Current CSE Courses

There are many Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) related courses available. Below is a selection with potentially broader interest. More information on prerequisites and keywords can be found here.

Course Number(s)CreditsSemesterTitle
AEM 40603SpringRisk Simulation and Optimization
AEM 41103FallIntro to Econometrics
AEM 41703Fall Decision Models for Businesses
AEM 61804SpringSystem Dynamics Applications
AEM 71003SpringEconometrics I
AEM72003Fall Econometrics II
AEM 71303SpringDynamic Optimization
AEM 75003FallResource Econ.
ASTRO 33404FallSymbolic & Numerical Computing
ASTRO 65234SpringSignal Modeling, Stat. Inference, Data Mining in Astro.
BEE 45303SpringComp-Aided Engr. Applic. in BME
BEE 46003FallDeterministic & Stochastic Modeling in Biol. Engr.
BEE 47503FallEnvr. Systems Analysis
BEE 4880/ BEE 68803SpringApplied Modeling & Sim. for Renewable Energy Systems
BIOMG 4300/ BIOMG 63003SpringMatn Analysis and Comp. Stats of the Molecular Cell
BIOMG 83402SpringQuantitative Biology for Molecular Biology and Genetics
BTRY 60104FallStat. Methods I
BTRY 60204SpringStat. Methods II
CEE 3200/ ENGRD 32003SpringEngr. Computation
CEE 4720/ CEE 67203FallIntro. to Finite Element Modeling
CEE 5290/ CS 572/ ORIE 53403, 4FallHeuristic Methods for Optimization
CEE 59703SpringRisk Analysis and Management
CHEM 58103SpringComputational Methods in Chemistry
CHEME 75104FallMathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering Analysis
CHEME 77403SpringMolecular Simulation Methods
CS 20242FallC++ programming
CS 20432SpringUnix Tools and Scripting
CS21104Fall,Spr,SumOO Programming and Data Structures
CS 4220/ ENGRD 32203SpringIntro. To Sci. Computation
CS 54124SpringCloud Computing
CS 52204FallApplications of Parallel Computing
CS 67804FallAdv. Machine Learning
EAS 4350/ EAS 53503FallStat. Methods in Meteorology and Climatology
ENGRD 27003Fall,Spr,SumBasic Engr. Prob. & Stats.
MAE 4700/ MAE 57003FallFinite Element Analysis for MAE
MAE 47584SpringRobot Learning
MAE 47804FallFeedback Control Systems
MAE 71504SpringAtomistic Modeling of Materials
MSE 57203FallComputational Mat. Sci.
ORIE 43003SpringOptimization Modeling
ORIE 4580/ ORIE 55814FallSim. Modeling and Analysis
ORIE 47404SpringStat. Data Mining I
ORIE 5300/ ORIE 33004FallOptimization I
ORIE 61273FallComputational Issues in Large Scale Data-Driven Models
ORIE 65004FallApplied Stochastic Processes
ORIE 67004FallStatistical Principles
PHYS 44803SpringComputational Physics
PHYS 7682/ CIS 62293FallComputational Methods for Nonlinear Systems
STSCI 40602SpringIntroduction to High Performance Computing Tools and Concepts
STSCI 45004SpringDatabases and Statistical Computing
STSCI 47404FallData Mining and Machine Learning
SYSEN 52003SpringSystems Architecture, Behavior, and Optimization
TAM 61003FallApplied Math. Methods I
TAM 61103SpringApplied Math. Methods II

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