ICSE Facilities

About ICSE’s Computing Facilities:

ICSE features its own general use computing facilities, which are a combination of managed private clusters and a shared cluster of machines. Our system management services are available to all Cornell faculty and provide dedicated facilities that offer a common Linux platform to make data-sharing and algorithm-sharing as facile as possible.

Although ICSE is relatively new, there has been a vibrant research computing center in Olin Hall since 1977. So we are not new to the world of high-performance computing. We took over space formerly occupied by the Theory Center when they moved to Rhodes Hall.

ICSE facilities manage over 1500 cores of Intel Xeon processors, including faculty-owned clusters, and a shared pool of computing facilities that research groups can use without owning their own cluster. Roughly 200 TB of disk storage is provided for user files. File security is provided by remote back-up facilities.

The ICSE cluster is housed in purpose-built space, renovated in 2010, to provide ample HVAC cooling capacity and electrical power, capable of handling thousands of additional cores. 10-gigabit Ethernet on all the servers provides extremely fast network I/O, particularly useful in I/O-intensive applications such as digital image processing. A few older model GPUs offer the speed increases synonymous with these graphical units. The ICSE facilities are managed by an expert in high- performance computing with over 30 years of IT expertise in industry and academia, and a PhD in statistical mechanics.


For more information, contact ICSE’s Director via email: Paulette.Clancy@cornell.edu .

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