Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Founded in 2012 by the Dean of Engineering, Cornell’s Institute for Computational Science and Engineering, ICSE, is the nexus for connecting and integrating Cornell’s research and teaching enterprises in computational research within engineering and the physical sciences.

ICSE serves as a means to promote the research scholarship of over 50 faculty members, and hundreds of graduate students, from across the Ithaca campus. ICSE activities include community-building, a forum for collaborative efforts, organizing and facilitating team proposals, and disseminating the achievements of the ICSE community to a national audience.


The research undertaken by our faculty and students advances the frontiers of computational science through novel algorithm development and the application of new and existing approaches covering a broad range of disciplines. These applications range from computational materials science to renewable energy systems to biology, and from transportation to risk analysis and environmental engineering. Our collective expertise ranges from the smallest length scales (quantum mechanical description of electrons) to the molecular level, consideration of less-studied mesoscale properties, and their manifestation at the macroscale continuum level. We have an exciting initiative underway to draw together those who understand the representation of the physical world with those who understand optimization and machine learning techniques that will make the exploration of this complex high dimensional space possible.


ICSE activities in educational programs center around (1) providing a coherent set of courses to educate students in basic foundational skill sets necessary for CSE research and (2) catalyzing the creation of new specialized computational courses to enrich the educational experience of our students. These courses are open to all students across the campus. Graduate students wishing to specialize in computational aspects of their thesis work may complete a minor in Computational Science and Engineering through our graduate minor field in CSE.


We offer access to specialty computing facilities and services in which faculty can house their computer clusters, use shared open-access resources, and benefit from access to commonly used software licenses. These resources provide a unique shared infrastructure to encourage cross-disciplinarity and facilitate collaborative research.


Our founding principles are to educate students with both strength and breadth in the computational sciences and to facilitate interdisciplinary research collaborations, which are such a hallmark of Cornell research. Our activities also promote dynamic interchange between those at home in the virtual world with experimentalists probing its physical analog. With collaborations spanning other universities, government laboratories and industry with our Cornell computational scientists and engineers, we support a thriving community of scholars.

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